Ura Togetchi (ウラとげっち) is an adult male character who is the Ura version of Togetchi. He first debuted on the Uratama in Japan and then appeared internationally on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5. He also appears as a possible customer in Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2.


He looks very similar to Togetchi, resembling a spiky blue ball with cat ears and stick-like arms and legs. He has slanted, almond-shaped eyes and round pink cheeks. Unlike Togetchi however, the top of his head has multicolored stripes instead of just being yellow, and he has a pink feather on his right ear. He also has red wings with white sparkles on them.


Ura Togetchi aspires to become a rock singer even though his voice sounds more like a country singer. He is quite proud of his shimmery red wings.

On Virtual Pets

Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus

Ura Togetchi is a male adult in the Ura Meme group. He evolves from Kujakutchi or Daiyatchi with high passion points.

Tamagotchi School

Ura Togetchi is student #010. His favorite subject is music.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5

Ura Togetchi is obtained in the male Ura Meme Group from any teen character with high Spiritual points.

To obtain Ura Togetchi on the 2nd generation and higher, the 1st Generation character should marry a female character in the Ura Meme Family. The male offspring should evolve into Kuchitamatchi, who will evolve into either Daiyatchi or Kujakutchi, and finally into Ura Togetchi with high Spiritual points.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version

Ura Togetchi is a non-raisable character that appears when Mametchi, Ura Mametchi, Memetchi, Ura Memetchi, Violetchi or Ura Violetchi visit UraTama Town.


Ura togetchi sprite
iD L 15th
Ura Togetchi15th
Ura Togetchim!x


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