Ura Zukyutchi (ウラずきゅこっち Ura Zukyukotchi) is a female Ura Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus in Japan and on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5 internationally. She is the Ura counterpart to Zukyutchi.


Ura Zukyutchi resembles Zukyutchi. She has red skin and a white face and stomach. She has a red-orange beak, pink cheeks, and round eyes with eyelashes. 


She wants to be pretty and loves romance. She always hopes that when a boy looks at her, he will like her or get a crush on her.

On Virtual Pets

Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus

Ura Zukyutchi is a female adult in the Ura Mame group. She evolves from Ura Young Marotchi or Zouritchi with high passion points.

Tamagotchi School

Ura Zukyutchi is student #008. Her favorite subject is math.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5

Ura Zukyutchi is a female adult in the Ura Mame group. She evolves from Ura Young Marotchi or Zouritchi with high spiritual points.

Tamagotchi m!x

Ura Zukyutchi is a marriage partner available on the 20th Anniversary and Gift versions, appearing in Uratama Town. Her favorite items are the Flower Seeds and the Artificial Star-sama. Her four physical genetic components include her head and body shape (with beak), hair, eyes, and tail. Marrying Ura Zukyutchi can pass down the Ura Blue glow to any offspring and may cause the outlines of other family members in a family photo to become blue as well.

Name Origin

Ura Zukyutchi's name comes from zukyun (ズキューン), which is a Japanese sound effect for a heart-throbbing sensation, such as when someone is falling in love. Ura relates to the character being "opposite".


  • Ura Zukyutchi is one of the few Ura equivalents that is of the opposite gender of its base form.


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