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What's up? I'm TacticalMaster.

I'm not most of a Tamagotchi fan, but I like the anime though. I don't own a Tamagotchi toy cause I'm...pretty much not used to these.

I'm proud that I was the only one here who is making fantastic episode summaries. I first started that back in April 19, 2012, where I stood up to make a difference and started to get noticed. Cool, right?!

Unknown 2012 date (don't ask): I'm the 900th page creator! Yeah!! (That is...until a few pages were deleted at that point...)

September 7, 2013: YEEEES! I made the 1,000th page on this wiki! ALRIIIIIIIIGHT!!


WikiGiant This user is a vandal stomping WikiGiant, so no messing around, bub.
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I'm this wiki's only userbox creator. So yeah, I knew how these things work. If you have any questions about userboxes, you can ask me about it.

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TacticalMaster's Anime Episode Lister

Tamagotchi! episodes

The written episodes of the Tamagotchi anime!

Yume Kira Dream Episodes

The second anime series of summarized episode pages! Actually, not fully summarized. They're only written in teasers because I don't have reliable sources. So I'm just awaiting for them to be summarized by our contributors in Japan.

Season 1

Season 2

Miracle Friends Episodes

Welcome to our new anime, ladies and gentlemen. The new 2013 Tamagotchi anime series, Miracle Friends, will be coming soon and I can't wait!! I'm gonna summarize all those episodes and do it for all those lonesome fans!

GO-GO Tamagotchi! Episodes

Well, time to reintroduce the old with the new in this exciting new anime series! It features familiar faces being reintroduced into the recent ones by combining them all together in a world full of new adventures and friendship!

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