• TacticalMaster

    After learning how to do it, I finally figured a way to color my username for the Recent Activity page! Yes! Now I can finally set my grounds as one of the admins! That even makes it easier!

    Since I know how to do this, here a message to all the other admins: If you want your username colored, I'll help you do it. You can choose what color from here and you can choose whether you want it bolded, italicized (if it does work too), or just plain. Then I'll handle the rest. Whoo! Another mastery in my knowledge banks!

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  • TacticalMaster

    I've just been seeing most poelple's user pages using userboxes, and let me tell you, those are some tacky assortment I'm seeing. I just wanted to help people decorate their userpages, but in a clean way! Sorry, but I have a perfectionism habit for this. But c'mon, I know you all could do better than me!

    So here are some pointers to make a great collection of userboxes:

    1. Use this page. It's a collection of all my userboxes I have stored. Remember to type the exact correct code of the template code including the case sensitives, otherwise it won't work.
    2. Separate the userboxes with a header. Then start putting all the userbox templates next to them. You may seperate them with a single line break, but they're still going to be attached to sides.
    3. T…
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  • TacticalMaster

    Hey guys, TacticalMaster here. I'm just gonna kill some time by putting up more userboxes. This time, from the anime! Enjoy! Oh, and I'll do the anime characters as well.

    - Fan of the most popular Tama-idol.

    - Fan of the longest running hero series, starring Gotchiman himself.

    - A Tamagotchi fashionista.

    - Adores the musical masterpieces of Melody Land.

    - Prefer to see Mametchi as "handsome." (Eech!)

    Oh, and don't get me started with Mametchi' guy look. Eeugh! Too handsome!

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  • TacticalMaster

    I made more userboxes describing the favorites, all describing who your favorite characters are. Hope you have fun decorating your user page!

    PS: I don't know if Tamagotchis are seperated by some specific topics or something. Oh well. But I did labeled when they first appeared. I think...

    - Fan of Mametchi.

    - Fan of Memetchi.

    - Fan of Kuchipatchi.

    - Fan of Violetchi.

    - Fan of KuroMametchi.

    - Fan of Makiko.

    - Fan of Gozarutchi.

    - Fan of Ginjirotchi.

    - Fan of Chamametchi.

    - Fan of the Mame Family.

    - Fan of the Meme Family.

    - Fan of the Kuchipa Family.

    - Fan of Violet Family.

    - Fan of Kikitchi.

    - Fan of Uwasatchi.

    - Fan of Lovelitchi.

    - Fan of Spacytchi.

    Maybe I could create userboxes regarding to the Tamagotchi anime...

    Oh, and sorry for the words for the family…

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  • TacticalMaster


    June 19, 2013 by TacticalMaster

    Hi, I just created userboxes for us active users to describe our user pages. Kinda like to describe us more. I only made about four, each with their own personalities to best describe what suits you. It comes from the WikiFauna, in which they describe characterizations for what describes a user. I got the infobox template code off from Wikipedia and I was told by another user it's okay to copy it from. I hope I don't get in trouble for this. Just wanted to help the users if they like to decorate their user pages.

    Here are the list of userboxes I made:

    - For those who act like an admin and wants to keep everything clean.

    - For those who crush vandals beneath their feet.

    - Describes the user is American.

    - Describes the user is Japanese.

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