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TacticalMaster (talk) 17:55, April 5, 2018 (UTC)

PS1 game

I see you've been slowly updating the tamagotchi PS1 pages with info. Im actually playing it right now and was wondering if you had info on getting Jeweltchi or the other 3-4 secret characters?--NeoMame (talk) 17:56, April 30, 2018 (UTC)

Supposedly there's a chance that when it turns to night that every Tamagotchi found in the field will be replaced by Jeweltchi for the entire night. I've seen footage of Jeweltchi, but the details on how to obtain one are really scarce - I have no clue what attracts it or if it can evolve from anything. Oyajitchi and Sekitoritchi evolve from Masktchi and Zuccitchi as usual, but Charitchi is one of the regular adults for the P2 line in this game. Breeding two Jeweltchi together produces this thing called Baby PiT, and I have no clue whether the PiT line is an original creation for the game or if it's a cameo-based thing akin to Mariotchi on the N64 game. Either way it's the last slot in the encyclopedia. Azureinferno (talk) 19:13, April 30, 2018 (UTC)

Is the video of Jeweltchi online can you post a link? Trying to figure out where the field they appear in is. I did find a few scraps of Jeweltchi info on some Japanese sites and thanks to gameshark codes I've figured out all the Pit stuff. Azureinferno (talk) 23:59, May 5, 2018 (UTC)

I can add the PiT icon to the breeding chart. The only thing is Jeweltchi x Jeweltchi has two possibilities. You'll get PiT from 80+ TMP or Shippotchi for under 80 TMP. So not sure how you want to separate the two. Added Jeweltchi and uploaded the Baby Pit icon for you to use however.

The way I see it is the 2nd baby stage is technically the child stage. So Adult Pit would be more of a teen stage. But here's how long each stage PiT lasts:

  • Baby PiT > Child PiT 11 hours
  • Child PiT > Adult PiT 46 hours (2 yrs)
  • Adult PiT > Gold PiT 91 hours (6 yrs)

I've been working on a visual guide that I posted more info on.

Thanks for the heads up, I had no clue that Gold PiT was a guaranteed evolution from Adult PiT. What do you think I should do about the breeding chart? I have no clue if there are any other pairings who will produce different offspring if their TMPs are over 80%, but if there are would it be a good idea for me to create another table for high-TMP pairings? On the subject of that, what shows up when you look up a Jeweltchi/Jeweltchi pairing on its breeding records in the encyclopedia - Shippotchi or Baby PiT?
By the way, that guide you've written is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for helping out with this. Azureinferno (talk) 01:16, May 6, 2018 (UTC)

In the encyclopedia it shows Jeweltchi x Jeweltchi = with a question mark icon. I'm not sure if there are more breeding combos with more than one possibility. I'd keep working on what you have. I think Jeweltchi was just the exception. Heres where I've been getting codes from. There are ones for filling out breeding chart info but its still a lot of codes.

This is probably a dumb question but how do you save the game? Trying to see if the gotchi king appears after the credits but I have no saved game. All thats left to figure out is these 4: Also would you like me to finish making the breeding chart icons? They just have to be resized to 32x32?

Select the icon with Banzo and then press the triangle button to bring up the save screen. A memory card can hold two HDH at a time. I know that the Gotchi King doesn't appear for the end cutscene, but I'm not sure about the credits themselves or if he shows up in any of the competitions, and I'm even more lost when it comes to the deal with Fairytchi, Katoritchi and Jeweltchi Daiya. I think the blurb at the bottom might be talking about a save file distribution connected with a magazine?
As for the breeding chart, if you could add the icons for those last several adults then that could be great. Most of what little time I have access to the game to is being spent finding out breeding combinations for adults that are awake while the teenagers I'm raising to see what's the best possible adults they can become are asleep, and most of the adults I haven't gotten yet are either diurnal or take heaps of ingame hours to find. Azureinferno (talk) 21:43, May 6, 2018 (UTC)

Just a heads up don't register the last tamagotchi in the encyclopedia if you want to continue playing on that file. Beating the game locks you into a loop and you can no longer enter the UFO. Thank god for save states.

Thanks for warning me about that. Man, talk about counterintuitive game design... I guess I'll probably have to not register one of the angel or ocean characters if I ever decide to raise and register the PiT line. Azureinferno (talk) 22:40, May 6, 2018 (UTC)

Made growth charts with info on getting each character. If your still playing and want to check my work to see if its accurate.

I think you might have the good care and bad care adults swapped around for groups A to D, but the power influence seems correct. I never let my teens lose more than one heart on both hunger and happiness but didn't really fill their contest parameters and they never gave me many opportunities to discipline them, so my Piyotchi Yellow became Jugtchi for example. Additionally, it looks like you've got the teens in the correct growth patterns as well judging from what my Nyokitchi and Magetamatchi evolved into with the same sorts of care. Anyhow, this is really great! That video from before made me believe that a teen could only become four adults at most, and you've confirmed that. Azureinferno (talk) 23:10, May 9, 2018 (UTC)
So you are saying the good/bad care for each teen should be swapped? I'm still getting Jugtchi from having the power stat and Pumpchi from just full Happy/Hungry. Actually went through and got each character using fast foward, Hungry, Happy, and Power stat codes. I'll have to recheck each teen tomorrow.
You're giving your Churitchi Red minimal neglect to evolve it into Pumptchi or Jugtchi, right? If you are taking care of it as such, your chart would say that it would evolve into Omentchi or Chunchuntchi. My current Tomatchi and Beartchi are being raised with no increase to intelligence or power but still having both hunger and happiness never allowed to go below 3/4, the same way that my Churitchi Yellow > Chindontchi C, Piyotchi Red > Sphinxtchi, Piyotchi Yellow > Jugtchi and Samuraitchi > Donguritchi were raised. Your chart indicates that my Tomatchi will evolve into Chindontchi B and my Beartchi into Kuromametchi if I keep my current methods even though they don't seem to be neglectful. Azureinferno (talk) 00:42, May 10, 2018 (UTC)

There are some good care/bad care mistakes I made but I got a better setup now. Going to recheck the rest and redo charts tomorrow. I'm using 5 gameshark codes: Max Hungry, Max Happy, Max Power, Low TMP, Max TMP. The Max Hungry/Happy codes make it so hearts stay full and never decrease. TMP seems to be what detemins good/bad care. Im using Max Happy & Hungry codes then swaping between high/low TMP and Power or not codes. Churitchi Red with high TMP gets Pumpchi and adding Power gets Jugtchi. Churitchi Red with low TMP gets Omentchi and adding Power gets Chunchuntchi.

Do the codes that make a Churitchi Red evolve into Pumptchi/Jugtchi cause a Billtamatchi to evolve into Piyotchi Yellow? Azureinferno (talk) 04:48, May 11, 2018 (UTC)

Yes those are both bad care. I figured out what was wrong and fixed my charts. Some of the good and bad care were swapped. A code I was using was having the opposite effect so I found and replaced it with a even better code. Everything should be correct now. I even double checked the codes on the P1 and P2 lines to make sure the good/bad care were correct. As long as Tamatchi is good care and Kutchitamatchi is bad in this game the rest of the charts should be correct. The in-game growth charts are pretty accurate they just read right to left and Jeweltchi is surprisingly easy to obtain by care. Thanks for your help.

Renaming "modern character" pages

Hello, could I ask you to stop renaming pages for characters who've appeared in Hoshi de Hakken!! Tamagotchi? The thing you need to understand is notability. The value of a topic that primarily establishes the majority. Though it may seem Tamagotchi was in its earliest years, up until now, the characters that we now see are now more original and more developed to establish a major aspect out of its golden years. Meaning, characters in the "modern" era design are the most 'notable' aspect in the series. The old characters have already become 'obsolete' and would mostly be looked away over "current" modern characters. That is why these modern character article names should be left the way as it is, and give old character year suffixes.

There's a possibility that the pages themselves may not have enough content in them. All because it's only documenting one character. If it truly doesn't have enough content, then I may have to migrate the content into the only game it appears, and away from the modern character (and its name). Please understand and thanks. ---TacticalMaster (talk) 08:17, May 7, 2018 (UTC)

Got it, I'll refrain from renaming the pages of modern characters who share their names with vintage ones from now on if that's what you want. I have a question about the whole renaming thing though - there are two vintage characters called Ankotchi, the adult one that appeared on the second Game Boy game in 1997 and the teenage one that appeared in HDH in 1998. What do I do about these two guys? Do you want me to refrain from making an article about the 1998 one altogether, or if you're ok with me creating an article for it and the other teenage Sakanatchi in the game do you want me to just call the article Ankotchi (1998) and leave the name of the original Ankotchi's article alone? Azureinferno (talk) 05:52, May 18, 2018 (UTC)
That's a...challenge there. Two "Ankotchis" who used to be adult, but is now a teen stage character.
Hmm, I recall in my memory few years ago on this wiki that there was a Tamgotchi character who was formely a teen stage character. But I can't remember the name... It looked someone added that information of both "adult" and "teen" at the same page and that seems to have some good chemistry. What was that character again? Erm... If I can remember who it was, it may help how to deal with this two-vintage-character situation here... ---TacticalMaster (talk) 10:49, May 18, 2018 (UTC)
It's not a case of a vintage adult characters sharing the same name and o e becoming a teenage one in its second appearance, but rather a case of an adult character and a teenage character who share the same name and both debuted in the same era. Think of the situation as if the child Kuribotchi from the Keitai instead debuted on a vintage release, after the Osutchi introduced the teenage Kuribotchi character in December 97; or maybe if the teenage Kuribotchi debuted on a release that came after the Keitai and therefore the child Kuribotchi.
Come to think of it, it makes me wonder what would have happened if Maskutchi and Masktchi got enough votes in the 15th anniversary poll to end up on the iD L 15th Anniversary ver. since both of their Japanese names are spelled the same way and both in hiragana. I don't think they could have written it off as a case of sexual dimorphism a la Osumotchi (both the male and female versions also being candidates for the device's roster) given their radically different designs. The vintage Kuribotchi is also one of the few Osu/Mesu teenagers to never show up on a modern release, maybe that's why he was left out of the V2 to V4.5 international releases even with their plethora of Osu/Mesu characters because the modern Kuribotchi shows up on the V2 and V4.5. You know, naming conflicts.
That aside, there are three teenage characters that later became adult ones that I can think of - Ringotchi, Chamametchi and Kikitchi. Several other teenagers were included on the 15th anniversary poll such as Ichigotchi, Hinatchi and Imotchi (hell, the iD L 15th is filled with characters who aren't in their debut stages), meaning they would have become adults if they scored high enough to be raisable characters. Tororotchi's also now a stage higher than what it once was as of the 20th Anniversary m!x, and now available as a boy as well to boot. Are any of those the characters you were thinking about? I recently updated Tororotchi's article with its m!x information, too. Azureinferno (talk) 12:05, May 18, 2018 (UTC)
Wait, I almost forgot! Chobitamatchi and Minotchi originally debuted on the second Game Boy games as teens. When the Morino was released, Mayutchi replaced the teen stage so they were made into adults. Azureinferno (talk) 14:40, May 18, 2018 (UTC)
Right, so um... I did some thinking about this issue and I'm just going to let you go ahead giving them the year suffix for these vintage characters. They just only appeared in one game and pretty much won't have a lot of notability as they could be "fill-in" characters.
I'm not sure how long it's been since this wiki's created but it was like the 2007's and being a community wiki and all without any enforced restrictions of a professional wiki-contributor, it's pretty much basic contributions here and we just went and named the characters straight away without any regards of their previous appearances in the older Tamagotchi media.
Or maybe we just put them all in one or something. ---TacticalMaster (talk) 01:03, May 19, 2018 (UTC)


The emulator I'm using is Matsu Player on android devices. It's one of two emulators I found that this game works on. I have a handful of info for this game I haven't uploaded yet but I'll upload that now. Got notes for SutebotchiGB but haven't figured out the exact requirements. The regular Sutebotchi and Tsuketchi are actually oldie stages that cannot mate. SutebotchiGB cant as well and is the only adult stage that cannot mate. I've gotten him from a variety of different ways. Like kuribotchi with no care besides keeping hungry at 1 and kuribotchi with full happy/hungry. My notes:

"Sutebotchi GB is a secret character that only appeared in this game. Tho I'm not sure what's so "secret" about him as from my experience its very difficult to not get him. The actual requirements to get him are still unknown but it seems almost impossible to not trigger them. I've gotten him many times from 2 specific male teens they are Obotchi and Kuribotchi. This lines up perfectly with one bit of info I was able to translate from the guidebook that says "he's obtained by fulfilling special conditions when raising a teen of a certain level 1 or level 4 ultra carefully". Obotchi is a TMP 1 teen and Kuribotchi is a TMP 4 teen. Some other info online states Sutebotchi GB is genderless and can be gotten from either gender. While it's true he's genderless (unlike the regular Sutebotchi), I've only gotten him from males."

Jeez, that's kind of confusing - resulting from heavy neglect from one teen (where evolving into an unmateable adult would be a fitting punishment), but really good care from another. Going from what you've said, you've used the methods that make Obotchi evolve into Sutebotchi GB with Ojotchi but failed to get it to evolve into it, as with Pyukitchi and Kuribotchi's requirements, correct?
In regards to Sutebotchi and Tsuketchi, do they replace Ojitchi and Otokitchi entirely or do those two also appear in the game? Are all adults capable of evolving into seniors, unlike on the original device where only Chomametchi and Chohimetchi could evolve into seniors? Azureinferno (talk) 16:45, May 25, 2018 (UTC)

Yes I used to same care on both gender counterparts and got diffrent results. This games growth is a little weird as it likes to follow a set growth path like the original Osu&Mesu. The care I used on Ojyotchi got me Pyonkotchi but on Obotchi got me SutebotchiGB. I raised a ton more Obotchis than Kuribotchis but the care was usually the same. I'm not sure what triggers SutebotchiGB but the majority of the time I didn't increase IQ or reduce weight. I tried a bunch of diffrent levels of happy, hungry, and discipline and got SutebotchiGB. Hungry has to stay at 1 full or higher tho as it triggers sickness and death when its left empty for awhile.

Ojitchi/Otokitchi I got from taking good care of Chomametchi/Chohimetchi. Sutebotchi/Tsuketchi I got from good care of Megatchi and Gankotchi. I originally thought Sutebotchi/Tsuketchi were from TMP 1-3 adults but that seems wrong. I took good care of Marumimitchi and Hiratchi from TMP 2 but they passed away. So they might only be obtainable from the worst TMP 1 adults.

While on the subject of vintage tama games. Have you played tamagotchi on the Snesor Tamagotchi Park on sega saturn? Or know anything on them?

I haven't played Tamagotchi Park, but I've played Tamagotchi Town and made a guide for it on Tama Zone way back when. I'm readding information from my old guide to to wiki now and then, but the one thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to get Lucky Unchi-kun. I could have sworn I got it from a Takoten that was living in a highly-polluted block and had more than 14 stress back when I first made the guide, but I haven't been able to recreate the results.
On Tamagotchi Park, you apparently need to have an Oyajitchi lay a different kind of egg than usual to unlock the P2 characters, and the same thing with Sekitoritchi and the Sega line. I have no clue if you're able to select the P2 and Sega eggs from the egg room after unlocking them, and it seems you can raise the angel line somehow from what I've seen in screenshots. The game may have introduced more characters than just the Sega ones as well, according to photos of a guide I've seen. Azureinferno (talk) 05:11, May 26, 2018 (UTC)

Oh your compact wave on tamazone? I've been using your tamagotchi town snes guide. I have everyone except HagureObaketch who I cannot get at all if you could help. I spent like 3-4 hours trying for just that one character. I can get WatariToritchi easily.

As for lucky Unchi-Kun I did notice your guide was wrong but I eventually got him. What I did was place mountains on every block then take perfect care until I filled up most blocks. Then I just saved the game and sped up the time and he eventually popped up. Only a single lucky Unchi-Kun appeared so it could be random with a low chance like the angelgotchi. If it was a simple requirement I would think multiple Unchi-Kun would of appeared. I took a screenshot of the block stats when I got him as well. Block had 9 tamagotchi, 4 eggs, 0 pollution, and 9 poops because everyone just woke up.

HagureObaketchi might be linked to a Tamagotchi living in a polluted block dying. In a recent playthrough I did, one showed up in a mountain block with about 30 pollution shortly after another Tamagotchi residing in it died. Thanks for letting me know about Lucky Unchi-kun seemingly being a random occurance, though. Were all of the teenagers you had at the time Kodoten, or did you stop taking perfect care after you got residents in all nine blocks? Azureinferno (talk) 15:19, May 26, 2018 (UTC)

By dying do you mean when an adult just disappears from old age (30yrs?) or when they vanish at midnight from high stress and pollution? It's hard to tell which is which. Running away is at midnight and dying is randomly during awake hours?

I made a town of all 1 environment and would take good care until I have 30+ tamas. After that at night I would pick a empty block and spam food to get it at 30-40 pollution. Then I would move many tamagotchi into the block and get their stress to 25-29. After all that I would just stop caring for them and speed up time. All the tamagotchi would vanish right at midnight and WatariToritchi would appear. I would have like 1-3 WatariToritchi at once. It's pretty impossible to not have every tama in a block vanish at once but it happened a few times and still WatariToritchi.

If you figure out any other tips for HagureObaketchi let me know. Like to try again but I'm out of ideas. As for your question I assume Kodoten since they had 0 stress. Maybe I can run into another Unchi-Kun while using your help to get HagureObaketchi. Edit: Still nothing lol ugh...Do you play on emulator so you can record video?

Yep, disappearing at around an age of 30 is what I mean by dying. You know how an exclamation mark pops up above a block when a Tamagotchi is born, evolves or migrates while you're in the overhead mode? When a Tamagotchi dies, a cross pops up instead. The end-of-day screens track how many births, deaths and runaways have occurred in a specific block during that day - an icon won't show up when a Tamagotchi runs away. Remember, holding L or R speeds up time drastically and if you combine that with an emulator's speed-up hotkey you can go through a day pretty quickly, so if you have patience you could start a new file and get every block up to 30-58 pollution before the initial pair of eggs hatch so the daily stress increase is half the pollution level rather than the pieces of stagnant food or poo lying around. I don't know how to record videoes with Snes9X, but I could try keep track of what I do in a block to get HagureObaketchi show up the next time I have a chance to play Tamagotchi Town if that'll help. If I have a little time to procrastinate tonight, I'll try out some of these theories.
If you can't do that kind of pollution before they hatch, there is another method you may be able to try. Place down enough food in a block to feed some residents but not all of them, and that will make their stress levels imbalanced upon the turn of midnight since a Tamagotchi gets one or two stress points when it doesn't eat at all during a day. Time your stress increases right, and you can have some Tamagotchi in a block surpass 30 stress and run away while others won't. If you let 15-25 pieces of food stagnate overnight one day and then do it again the next after a combination of placing soccer balls down and cleaning to reduce the residents' stress levels, you can rack up a pollution level over 30 without making everybody instantly run away.
I wonder when a Kodoten or Takoten's chance to evolve into Lucky Unchi-kun is determined - when their egg is generated, when they hatch or when they evolve into an adult? It seems like the easiest way to test this would be to start a new game, make a save state before you place the first two eggs down, make a separate save state before they hatch into Obaketchi 2, and then another save state while they are teens. Once one of them evolves into Lucky Unchi-kun and provided you made saves on slots two and three during their life, you can reload save three and check if it still evolves into Lucky Unchi-kun with each reload. If it does, reload save two and see if it still evolves into it after hatching and growing up into an adult. If you have problems with multiple save states, I can try this out. Azureinferno (talk) 10:49, May 27, 2018 (UTC)

I'll try this but it still sounds close to what I did yesterday from your advice with no luck. But yea if you can figure out in more detail would help or a step by step method. I use a screencapture app when I need to record gameplay (like AZ screen recorder). If theres a random element to getting HagureObaketchi it might get confusing to tell if I'm even following the steps right without following you exactly. Hopefully hes not.

I don't get what you mean by only feeding some of them in a block. Doesnt it automatically drop enough food for everyone? Only situation I can think of when you are unable to feed everyone is when luring tamagotchi to another block but the stress is from them moving blocks not food.

While I wait to see what you can figure out for HagureObaketchi, I think I'll try out lucky Unchi-Kun again and see what I can find. I also just found a site that reveals all of the secrets in the first 2 GB games. There was 2 hidden very important stats that a simple button combo revealed. The Osu&mesu game is made by the same developer so I want to go back and see if it applies there too.

You can use the dpad (can't remember right now if it's up and down or left and right, sorry) when you select the food icon to change the number of rice balls to place down, but you're right about it defaulting to the amount that is just right for the current number of residents. Anyhow, I'll go and load up my main save and see if I can obtain another HagureObaketchi on it.
Also, what's that button combination and where are you supposed to use it - the usual stats screen? If it shows some more parameters apart from the five present in the Game Boy games, then it sounds very useful! Azureinferno (talk) 14:29, May 27, 2018 (UTC)

I did not know that about the food!. Ugh what is with these games and hidden controls and options. Your playing on an emulator right? How did you find all these controlls?

Theres 2 hidden stats that determine growth in at least the first 2 gb games. One should sound familiar: stress. Only the 1st GB game the code works on but apparently the 2nd game uses these same stats. Go to stats screen and hold select, down, and A button to make them appear.

I'll go and start a new save file on the first GB game and check it out - I have the Japanese ROM at the moment, but I'll download the English one and see if it works there as well.
By the way, I accidentally got Lucky Unchi-kun! It seems that on a certain day, all Kodoten and Takoten under 2 stress that evolve on that day will evolve into Lucky Unchi-kun (I think they may have all been born on the same day?). I was in the middle of polluting a block with some old Tamagotchi to try get HagureObaketchi and fast-fowarding to the next day to do it again when I got the new species pop-up - one of my Kodoten in my mountain blocks with no pollution suddenly evolved into Lucky Unchi-kun. If I reloaded the game to a save state made just before it hit midnight the previous day, they still evolved to Lucky Unchi-kun the next day provided they had no stress and seemingly regardless of pollution level.
I did all three cleans to increase stress everywhere, and the other teens who had yet to evolve would become Ginjirotenshi if they had two stress as normal, as with Pukuten and its stress levels. Reloading the save state and making sure they had zero stress caused them to all evolve into Lucky Unchi-kun. Getting them to the stress levels needed for Deviltchi didn't work like it supposedly did ages ago, too. It's currently day 57 on my file, if that's of any use. Azureinferno (talk) 15:10, May 27, 2018 (UTC)
The parameters are on the English version. Stress is translated as fear - feeding a Tamagotchi a snack or its least favourite food increases it by four, and feeding it its favourite food decreases it by two. Wagamama (which apparently translates to selfishness?) is translated as mine, which fits the general train wreck that is the game's localisation. Dunno how to increase it, but I bet it's a gradual thing and once it hits a certain point a discipline opportunity will occur. Azureinferno (talk) 16:14, May 27, 2018 (UTC)

So now we have HagureObaketchi left to figure out...that little ghost is driving me nuts. Im like 1% away from completing this game. So close.

I got my lucky Unchi-Kun on day 25 or 26. I have a save state with 2 lucky Unchi-Kun but in different blocks. They are the only tamas at the same age so I guess they did evolve together. The savestate is on day 29 and the 2 lucky Unchi-Kun are the only 3 year old tamas.

Any luck with HagureObaketchi? Also what age and stress level are your tamas dying when he appears? Just got done another failed run. I got pollution at exactly 30 before the first eggs hatched and kept it there. Then I tried placing 1 soccer ball every morning and only feeding about 1/2 to 1/4 the amount of food everyone needed. The adults were dying about age 10-14.

Do you play 64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi World on an emulator? Thats the only vintage game that I cant get working. It glitches out everything except the background on every emulator I try. And since I cant get HagureObaketchi could you provide a screenshot of his in-game bio?

I haven't had luck with that one, either. When I tried to play it ages ago, it kept crashing several seconds in. Anyhow, sorry for taking so long with getting HagureObaketchi's profile - here it is. The kanji might be a little hard to read because of the way the text is styled, though.
By the way, thanks for adding info about the first GB game to your website. I'm doing a run of it right now to see how to trigger the laying of an egg and/or the peaceful death animation - I'm not sure if it just relies on old age, because I'm getting mixed results from YouTube. When I get time, I'll upload images of the egg and trinket locations from the second game to the wiki as well. Azureinferno (talk) 23:30, June 9, 2018 (UTC)

I just uploaded the second gameboy guide. Only things I havent been able to figure out on the first 2 games are the leaving an egg after death, the middle machine in professors banzos lab (GB 2), and I couldn't figure out the happy/hungry decrease rate chart on that Japanese site.

Maybe it's a Tamagotchi trading machine. Anyhow, this video shows all of the Mushitchi death sequences, and most of the adults lay eggs. It's not much help, but it's all I can offer at the moment. I honestly don't know what other prerequisites are needed apart from a stress-based death after the Tamagotchi goes beyond its lifespan.
As for the stat decreases, I think they might be in fractions of an hour? If that's the case, then that would mean for example Kabutotchi loses a hungry heart every one and a half hours, and a happy heart every two hours. Azureinferno (talk) 17:13, June 10, 2018 (UTC)
I thought they were random locations? I have no idea that's just what I thought. Just remembered Koganetchi needs to be tested. Special requirement is the coin collection item. Not sure if once you get the coin hes permanently unlocked or if you have to collect it each time before the cocoon. I might do some parent laying egg testing in both games as well. Stupid idea to make limited eggs. Getting Bill on the US game I gotta test as well. I started way too many tama video game projects at once lol. Glad your keeping it up on the wikia side Edit: Holy crap you were right about the locations (for eggs at least so far)

Are you able to play the Osu&mesu gameboy game? I just tested to see if stress/selfish are in this game as well using modified info from the first game. Didn't go to well. I would think it would be in as its the same developer from the first two. If you can see what you think.

Still no luck with getting it to run on VBA, sorry. Maybe I can go download a couple of other GB/GBC emulators and see if any of them will work. After I get done with adding a character list to the Tamagotchi Town page I'm probably going to try stick with experimenting with the first two GB games to see if I can get a Tamagotchi to lay an egg when it passes or go back to Tamagotchi Town to register Futagotenshi and Tengutchi in the encyclopedia and see if I can obtain another HagureObaketchi while I'm at it. Azureinferno (talk) 18:43, June 11, 2018 (UTC)

Removal of new infoboxes

Hello, Azureinferno? I noticed that you have removed (almost all) the infoboxes and replaced them with the outdated (and non-template) ones. Might I ask why are you doing this? I mean, they look fresh than the old one. So what's the deal getting rid of them? After all, you never left an edit summary for such a major change.

If you don't reply, we may have to undo those removals because that was also an admin's work. ---TacticalMaster (talk) 11:06, July 13, 2018 (UTC)

Wait, the character infobox template I was adding is an outdated one? I'd assumed that it was the newer version because it looked less simplistic to me, the header format allowed for both the English and Japanese names to be on top of each other, and the appearance tabbers seemed less clunky since they were side-by-side and weren't split into separate tabs for when a character is of a different gender between multiple entries in a certain type of media.
Do you know where I'd be able to find a guide as to how the current infobox should be structured and what syntax/tags it uses, if that's the one I should be using rather than the one I have been using? A couple of months ago I was using Mariotchi's page as a reference guide when adding pages for the characters in the vintage console games, but I couldn't find a way to get the header to display a custom name rather than just using the page's name (you know, the whole issue with several breeds sharing their names) and it kept adding categories on its own that I couldn't remove when editing the category section both on the normal editing menu and from a page itself, and I didn't have those problems with the outdated infobox. Azureinferno (talk) 13:29, July 13, 2018 (UTC)
There is a documentation guide on the template page itself.
The infobox is still a work-in-progress, even the documentation. But hopefully the creator could find the willpower to finish it up. The wiki could use a little modernization and I was okay with the new infoboxes...until the removal. ---TacticalMaster (talk) 22:31, July 13, 2018 (UTC)
Thank you for linking me to that, I think I'm getting a hold of the syntax now!
I'm curious, though. Which aspects of the infobox would you consider incomplete? Reading through the source codes on the infobox's edit page, the structures seem a little familiar and I might be able to add some stuff to it if it's ok with the creator. If the Japanese name tag is unnecessary it could be repurposed for other language names in general considering the number of characters that already have sections like that in their outdated infoboxes, and it might be possible to add a new section for sprites like many characters using the old infobox have. Azureinferno (talk) 01:00, July 14, 2018 (UTC)
Most of the functions are incomplete. But Umbreon is (I dunno) dying to get it done.
I prefer to fill out most of whatever he has. But I favor putting the Japanese name on the header. He just has to implement it. If you want to know more about his progress, ask him. ---TacticalMaster (talk) 03:30, July 14, 2018 (UTC)
This is what I get for not working harder to convert them :D
Don't sweat it too hard, it's also my fault.
Maybe I'll try a new new infobox with this in mind; they are good points.
English and Japanese names
The functionality is actually there, but I haven't actually used the parameter (see link).
—umbreon126 04:39, July 15, 2018 (UTC)
Oh yeah, I saw that you mentioned that the Japanese name parameter was unused because you thought it was unnecessary. I was wondering if you thought it would be a good idea to rename it to something about international names in general so that it might become of more use. Hell, it might even be easier to just do something like
<data source="name_int"><label>Names in other languages</label></data>
and make it a dropdown thing like the appearance lists so it doesn't clutter up the infobox as much as it would as several permanently-expanded lines.
At the moment, I've got a draft done for putting the details in Mametchi's current infobox imto the newer style - I just have to figure out where to put the international names and sprites for the time being. At the very least, a number of pages already have sections dedicated to sprites and Makiko's page uses a dedicated section with a table. Would you two be ok with me trying that out? Azureinferno (talk) 05:03, July 15, 2018 (UTC)
Makiko#Names_in_other_languages? —umbreon126 05:45, July 15, 2018 (UTC)

Meets characters

Will this help for the meets names? Been on the hunt for them. Think im missing that green fuzzy child. Havent got around to translating yet.

Wow dude, these are super helpful! So that other female child is Peacetchi, and the teens are Hanbunkotchi, Mettotchi, Morifuritchi and Penribotchi. With Kurupoyotchi included, that's four teens so far and apparently two for each gender, so all that's left to do now is find out the name of the other male child, see if there are any other teens and determine whether or not they're all gender-exclusive or if they do what the m!xes did and have them be gender-neutral with dimorphism. Thank you so much for linking these images to me! Azureinferno (talk) 06:03, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

Added more to that album. The last child and 2 teens that are either gender. Been saving stuff but havent sorted through it all yet. Editing the wiki is trial and error for me so I dont wanna mess anything up lol. Spend all my time on mobile.

Yeah, I've noticed how much of a pain it is to edit on mobile, especially with how finicky Safari can be, and I don't even want to begin on tables. I usually just stick with the source editor if I have to resort to editing on mobile.
Anyhow, thanks for updating the album! All that needs to be done now in regards to the growth chart is find out the happiness and care mistake values for everyone and see if there are any location-based evolutions for the adults as was the case on the m!xes. From what I've been seeing so far in images and videos (not to mention going on the assumption that a baby's evolution is determined solely by happiness as with the last several releases), Hoshipontchi and Chiroritchi are the high happiness children while Mokumokutchi and Peacetchi are the low happiness ones. Azureinferno (talk) 07:27, December 7, 2018 (UTC)
On the meets mixable characters table the cow farmer tama needs his gender fixed. I cant figure out how to change the text. Hes male and on his page everything is fine it's just that one area.
Crap, did I accidentally leave Hatakemotchi's gender section unchanged? I was copypasting and editing stuff from the table on the m!x m!xable characters page a while ago and thought I finally got everything, so thanks for pointing it out. Azureinferno (talk) 23:46, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

V2 evolution

Whats this about evolution you posted? This for real? I remember trying resetting on v4.5 to get Boxertchi but it always became the same character. If this works on V2 and V3, this is a great find!

I'm not really sure how evolution is determined on the V4.5 (especially considering how teens from one group can become an adult belonging to another), but it definitely works on the V2 with its pseudo-random evolution. I was hoping to get Debatchi to use its sprites in a personal project, so I let my Hinotamatchi stay asleep for a little longer past the point it was due to evolve at. Woke it up to save the progress, readied something to hit the reset button and hit it as soon as Toratchi first blinked onto the screen. Loaded it up, waited a minute again and it became Memetchi instead, then Debatchi after another reset.
I'm not sure if it's a random equal chance of each of the possible evolutions or if it cycles through something every time reset is hit (i.e. if it would have attempted to evolve into Toratchi again instead of one of the other two even generation above-average adults if I had reset a third time), but as long as you can reset it before the blinking screen stops the device won't save its progress and will just reload the Tamagotchi's previous form. Azureinferno (talk) 03:45, December 22, 2018 (UTC)

regarding the m!xable characters

Make them a uniform size that doesnt balloon the table, just center them all... It's a mess! Theres too much to do, and the last time I worked on those images, I was at it all night. 

By the way, you havent been added to the Admin tab yet! 

I need some help finding a code/data ripper for a bit of help obtaining pictures and names of the "grandparents" of the My Tamas. I've already asked six admins for help due to the inactivity of the forum, so if you dont know someone, it's fine! I've been editing here for over a week straight... 

Stickipedia (talk) 03:21, May 18, 2020 (UTC)

I won't be much help as far as the names go, but I do know that The Spriters Resource has the sprites of all of the parents from the Magic and Fairy Ons along with a couple from the app. Nabbing the sprites from there would be easy, I just don't know if the admins here would be ok with me just taking them.
As far as the character page goes, just give me a minute and I'll go tinker with the page's source code to get the image sizes the way they should be. Azureinferno (talk) 04:04, May 18, 2020 (UTC)
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