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Osumesu21 (talk) 00:38, April 27, 2018 (UTC)

The Hoshi de Hakken stuff

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but I found the URLs for the videos I was talking about and put them under your comments on my talk page, but I'll put them here again if you haven't seen them.

By the way, if you've managed to use codes to get Jeweltchi and the PiT line is there any chance that you'd be able to replace Jeweltchi's blank slots on the page with the table of the game's breeding chart with its icons, and add Baby PiT's icon in the Jeweltchi x Jeweltchi slot? Azureinferno (talk) 00:17, May 6, 2018 (UTC)

The Osutchi and Mesutchi GB game

Hey, I saw on your website that you were playing the third Game Boy game to get info on it, and I was wondering if you know anything about its exclusive secret character Sutebotchi GB - did you obtain it from neglect, and is it capable of breeding unlike Tsuketchi and the regular Sutebotchi?

Also, what emulator are you running the game on? I tried to emulate it on VisualBoyAdvance several years ago but never got it to work, and going from what others have said it's pretty picky with what ones it's compatible with. Maybe it's got something to do with the weird cartridge it has. Azureinferno (talk) 15:33, May 25, 2018 (UTC)

The N64 game

Crazyeyesinlove is adding a lot of information about Minna de Tamagotchi World to the wiki, do you think there's a chance that they're playing the game? It might be worth a shot asking them if they are, and if so if they could help us figure out how to get it running on an emulator. Even if we don't get much of a chance to collect new information from playing the game, we'd still have a chance to get some high-quality screenshots of the exclusive special characters' encyclopedia artworks and their special screens that show up in the middle of the ending cutscenes, and then we could add those pictures to their articles.

From what I've seen of the game, the best way to gather information quickly would be to make none of the other players computer-controlled. That way, if anybody wins it should count as a player win and therefore the winning Tamagotchi would evolve and if they don't always get the same level of care it'd be easy to cheese it by skipping actions. Might make a mess out of the keyboard controls if there's input for four controllers at once, though. Azureinferno (talk) 09:52, June 15, 2018 (UTC)

I just asked. Its the only game besides the 3ds games i haven't played. If I had a N64 i would just buy the game but then uploding decent images would be hard. I asked for emulator help in a emulation discord. They werent much help. The title screen was better after messing with settings but everything else was crap.--NeoMame (talk) 19:32, June 15, 2018 (UTC)

Nuts. I wonder what exactly is causing all of the problems? The cartridge isn't anything special like Osutchi and Mesutchi's with its built-in buzzer thing. From what I've seen on YouTube, I think the thing with saving the eggs you get after a game ends might involve having the option them to something connected to one of the controllers (it might be this thing)? I really don't know much about N64 emulation. Anyhow, here's hoping that Crazyeyesinlove responds soon so that they might be able to clear some stuff up. Azureinferno (talk) 21:17, June 15, 2018 (UTC)

They are using the actual cartridge. I'm sure its possible to play but like the Osu&mesu one, its gonna take forever to find something compatible. I prefer emulation when it comes to making game guides. It just provides better features than the actual cartridge for picking the game apart for information. --NeoMame (talk) 22:54, June 15, 2018 (UTC)

Definitely. There's things like being able to access save states to redo scenarios under different circumstances or see how and when the RNG affects them, not to mention the ease of getting crisp screenshots (let alone screenshots at all) when emulating on a computer, phone, tablet etc. At this rate the best idea would probably be to test out how the game runs on as many different emulators as possible. Azureinferno (talk) 03:01, June 16, 2018 (UTC)
Oh, man... Where do I even begin with this? When I loaded the game on Project64, it proceeded to immediately slow my computer to a halt and refuse to unpause after clicking on the toolbars, and testing it on 1964 resulted in a somewhat respectable frame rate, but glitchy graphics and no response to any controls, in addition to giving me the message "+ Not Working + (uCode Not Supported)" on the emulator's startup screen. Upon restarting 1964, the controls started to work but the video layers were too busted for me to even vaguely know what the hell I was doing. At this point, I think there is no other way to aptly describe this game apart from calling it utterly boned. There's got to be SOME way of getting this thing to run properly...I hope. Azureinferno (talk) 21:08, June 16, 2018 (UTC)
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