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Taiwan Chinese: 八卦吉
June 21
Tama-Go Uswastchi ID Uswastchi ID-L Uwasatchi

Uwasatchi (うわさっち) is a female Tamagotchi character. She debuted as a raisable character on the Japanese Tamagotchi iD, and the Tama-Go internationally. She also appears in Mametchi's class in the Tamagotchi! anime.

Her voice actress is Mizuta Wasabi.


Uwasatchi has cream skin, orange cheek spots, and freckles. She wears an orange dress, green stockings, and a large green hat with yellow flowers on it. Each of her eyes have two eyelashes, and in the anime her irises are depicted as purple. 


Uwasatchi is often said to be selfish and moody. She's always desparate to spread the latest gossip. This can hurt her friends' feelings, but she is not aware of this. She hates being told that she is attempting to make up a false rumor. She is sneaky, suspicious and distrusting. She often fights with Nachuratchi. Sometimes she has trouble seeing the truth, such as when she didn't believe Lovelitchi was Lovelin, and when she mistook Kuromametchi for Lovelin.

In the Anime

Usawatchi likes to gossip about other Tamagotchis, and carries a purple book with her, which she uses to store information about other tamagotchis. She makes her own newspapers that feature her gossip about other Tamagotchis, which are rather popular. She has a verbal tic; a lot of her sentences end in "wasa".

She wants to find out more about the big secret involving Lovelitchi and Lovelin. When Lovelitchi tells everyone that she is Lovelin, Uwasatchi does not believe in her and thinks it might be just a joke or a made-up gossip. Uwasatchi has never believed Lovelitchi until she proved that she is Lovelin by being in the TV show (as Lovelin) with her.

Uwasatchi loves the colors orange and green, but dislikes pink. Her mother is Safetytchi, who is as equally nosy and gossipy.


Tamagotchi iD

Uwasatchi evolves from Chuchutchi, who is the worst care teen. To get Uwasatchi, Chuchutchi must be treated the same way as she was as a child - garnering four or more care mistakes.


Uwasatchi is obtained when a female teen recieves a small amount of neglect.

Name Origin

"Uwasa" is Japanese for "gossip."


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