The Wagassierbon with many customers.

The Wagassierbon (わがシエボン Wagashiebon) is a pastry shop in Dream Town run by Wagassiertchi



The Wagassierbon is shaped like a giant cake. Above the front entrance, there is a large design of a mochi wrapped in wagashi leaves, which is the icon of the shop and Wagassiertchi. The walls are decorated with many blossoms and leaves, and the windows have strawberries painted around them. There is a gingerbread house on the roof. There are also outdoor dining tables along the side of the building.

Patitchi and Wagassiertchi inside the Wagassierbon.


In the front of the shop, customers can place their orders at a counter. Behind the counter is an entrance to the kitchen. There is a window in the wall between the kitchen and the dining tables, so customers can look in and watch Wagassiertchi cook. The center of the shop is where most of the dining tables are located. For decoration, there are carpets with wagashi leaf designs. There is a small carpet at the entrance and a bigger one in the center of the dining room. There are also large, purple planters with pink flower bushes, mainly near the entrance.There is also a staircase leading to a second floor.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

The Wagassierbon is a popular pastry shop that gets visitors from all over Dream Town. The shop is independently owned and run by Wagassiertchi. Mametchi and his friends at Dream School all like the Wagassierbon. Patitchi is especially a big fan of Wagassiertchi and his cooking techniques, and eventually she ends up working at the Wagassierbon too.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

The events of the Tamagottsun caused the Wagassierbon to relocate to Patchi Forest. The appearance of the shop was greatly affected as well. Now it resembles a tree instead of a cake. The outer walls of the shop have the texture of tree bark. The interior of the shop is located in the trunk of the tree, and large branches grow out of the top and sides of the shop. The outdoor dining tables are now on top of tree branches. The shop still retains quite a few of its old features, such as the gingerbread house on the roof, the strawberries around the windows, and the picture of the mochi wrapped in wagashi leaves above the entrance.

Name Origin

"Wagassier" comes from Wagassiertchi's name. "Bon" may be taken from the French word "bonbon", meaning sweets.


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