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Watchlin (ウォッチリン Wotchirin) is a female character who first appeared in the third anime series, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. She is a living device character like Telelin and Pashalin. Watchlin is based on a watch, like Telelin is based on a telephone and Pashalin is based on a camera. Watchlin also has the ability to fly, even though she does not have wings.

In the anime, she is voiced by Kumi Domon.

In the Anime

In the future, Watchlin assisted Doctor Future at the Dream Center Research Facility and also accompanies Miraitchi and Clulutchi as they search for the Dreambakutchis. Her face can serve as a screen for video calling others; Doctor Future can contact Miraitchi and Clulutchi through Watchlin. She accidentally caused Miraitchi and Clulutchi to travel back in time because the Dreambakutchis they were collecting overcharged her with too much power.

Watchlin can shrink to the size of a watch and attach herself to someone's arm by ejecting a purple wriststrap. Then, she can do a "lucky check" to find out what someone's lucky color is, similar to one of the functions on the Himespe Phone. When Watchlin performed a Lucky Check for Smartotchi, she instead commented on how "handsome" he was.

She adds the word "tick tock" (チクタク chiku taku) to the end of every conversation.


Watchlin looks like a digital watch (without the wrist strap). She is pink with catlike ears and a lighter pink face. She has three purple buttons and some white sparkles on her tummy, as well as a blue button on one of her ears. The middle purple button is shaped like a heart. She has a curl on her face / screen that looks like hair and changes to different shapes depending on her mood.


Watchlin toy

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Bandai released a toy called "Lucky Check! Watchlin" (ラッキーチェック!ウォッチリン Rakki Chekku! Uotchirin). It functions similar to a normal watch because users can wear it on their wrist. It has Watchlin's face on the screen, which can change to various expressions, and some buttons. Users can take the wrist strap off to turn it into a normal toy. It tells the time and also has mini-games which users can play to increase their friendship with Watchlin. The standard price is 2,940 Yen.


  • Unlike Telelin and Pashalin, Watchlin's face does not resemble to any characters related to her (Say, Telelin's face resembles to Lovelitchi, while Pashalin's face resembles to Moriritchi).
  • It is not explained how Watchlin is created, but it's most likely that she is created by Doctor Future.


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