Whirltchi (こがらしっち Kogarashitchi) is a mysterious male Tamagotchi who debuted in the Tamagotchi! anime. Only the Mame Family know about the existence of him and his little sister Winditchi


Whirltchi is dark blue with a white face and light blue eyes. He wears a white scarf and an orange cape, and has autumn leaves on him. He has curly hair.

Special Ability

Whirltchi has the power to turn into the wind and fly. He is very fast and that is why many Tamagotchis can't see him. He is better at this ability than his little sister, Winditchi.

In the Anime


Whirltchi first appeared in the episode Hapihapitchi Helps Out!. He became friends with Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi after they found Winditchi when she got lost. After reuniting with his sister, they help dried off some clothes and then dropped Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi at home. While the two girls were asleep, Whirlitchi and Winditchi appeared as whirls of wind, looking through the window before departing. Later in episode 70, Whirlitchi looked for Winditchi again when she gets lost again but eventually finds her. Then he and Winditchi meets Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi again and meet the Mame Family for the first. The Whirltchi and Winditchi show them the ways of their wind powers and also gave them wind rides. In return, the family gives them powered lights and giant wind spinners as gifts.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Whirltchi has a cameo appearance in episode 50 with Winditchi.

Name Origin

Whirltchi's English name comes from the word whirl, which refers to whirling winds. His Japanese name comes from the word kogarashi (木枯し) which means "wintery wind".




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