Winditchi (ウィンディっち Uinditchi), also known as Windytchi, is a female Tamagotchi who debuted in Tamagotchi!. Her older brother is Whirltchi, and her Tama-Friends are Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi. Her birthday is on the 25th of February.


Winditchi is light blue with a white face and turqouise eyes. She wears a white dress and a pink scarf. She is much smaller than Chamametchi. She has pink cheeks. She has a swirl on her scarf, her body resembles a costume. She has a swirl on the side of her head and a swirl on the middle of her forehead and two swirls that stick out of her head.


Winditchi is depicted as being very shy, especially when meeting new Tamagotchis. She only trusts her big brother, Hapihapitchi, and Chamametchi, who she became friends with because they offered to help her find Whirltchi.


As seen in the anime, Winditchi has a magical power that allows her to turn into the wind. Chamametchi didn't know this at first because Winditchi was reluctant to tell about herself, but found out later in the episode, Hapihapitchi Helps Out. Winditchi can fly, but she isn't as fast as Whirltchi.

In the Anime


Winditchi first appeared in episode 15. She had been separated from her brother, and Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi came across her and helped her look for him. Winditchi reappeared in episode 70, where she lost her brother again, causing her to cry when Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi found her, making her happy. Then, Whirlitchi found her again and hugs and the two have a picnic with the rest of Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi's family. They show them their wind powers and give them wind rides. So the family in return give them lights and windblowers to play around with.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Winditchi has a cameo appearance in episode 50 with Whirltchi.

Name Origin

Winditchi's name comes from the English word 'windy', referring to her ability to turn into wind. Her Japanese name comes from uindi (ウィンディ), which is a transliteration of 'windy'.


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