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Wonder Garden (ふしぎのくに Wonderland) is a location located inside the Magical Flying Library Ship.


Wonder Garden is a fairy tale land inside one of the many books of the Flying Library. It is a popular book for the library visitors thanks to its many bizarre creatures and exciting tea parties. Cheshiretchi also lives here, and loves to cause mischief however he can.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Wonder Garden is a location exclusive to the Fantasy and Wonder Garden versions, and is unlocked differently on both. On the Fantasy version, it is unlocked by visiting the backyard once the tamagotchi becomes an adult. On the Wonder Garden version, it is unlocked during the third generation by changing the living room background to the Alice Picnic theme, and then going into the backyard. A rabbit tamagotchi will appear and the user's tamagotchi will chase them through a forest and into a hollow tree stump. They will then fall into Wonder Garden. Unlocking the location also unlocks the Wonder Garden icon theme.


Wonder Park

Exclusive residents can be talked to and played with here. If the one of the two marriageable residents are the tamagotchi's parent they will not appear.

Alice Shop

Otogitchi runs the shop here. They sell souvenirs exclusive to Wonder Garden and also the standard items and accessories from the Tourcontchi chain stores.


  • CARD SUB - 200G
  • EGG SOUP - 120G


  • CLOCK CAKE - 200G
  • CAT CAKE - 180G
    • Changes the tamagotchi's color to blue if fed 5 times consecutively


  • WONDER HORN - 800G


  • RABBIT EARS - 600G
  • CARD HAT - 800G

Card Paint

The tamagotchi will meet playing card tamagotchis who ask them if they want to meet the Queen of Hearts. They then say that they need to look appropriate in order to meet the Queen and paint the tamagotchi. The tamagotchi will either be painted black or have a red outline, but this change will only last until they take a bath. If they return here after getting painted they will meet the Queen who will gift them the Pumpkin Lantern item. This item is necessary to unlock the Princess Palace location on the Fantasy version.


The tamagotchi can propose to a resident if they have a ring.


Name Artwork Sprite Gender Marry Favorite Items
Yumemi Alice
Yumemi Alice.png
Yumemi alice.png
Female Yes
  • Coin Purse
  • Pumpkin Lantern
Kirari Hatter
Kirari Hatter.png
Kirari Hatter-0.png
Female Yes
  • Unicycle
  • Pumpkin Lantern



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