Wonder Garden (ふしぎのくに Wonderland) is a location located inside the Magical Flying Library Ship.


Wonder Garden is a fairy tale land inside one of the many books of the Flying Library. It is a popular book for the library visitors thanks to its many bizarre creatures and exciting tea parties. Cheshiretchi also lives here, and loves to cause mischief however he can.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Wonder Garden is a location on the Tamagotchi On exclusive to the Fantasy and Wonder Garden versions, and is unlocked differently on both. On the Fantasy version, it is unlocked by visiting the backyard once the Tamagotchi becomes an adult. On the Wonder Garden version, it is unlocked during the third generation by changing the living room background to the Alice Picnic theme, and then going into the backyard.

Yumemi Alice and Kirari Hatter can be befriended and married here. In addition to the exclusive themed foods, items, and accessories at the shop, Wonder Garden also features the Card Paint option, where the user's Tamagotchi will be painted either black or red. On the Fantasy version, using this option may randomly gift the Pumpkin Lantern, which is necessary to unlock the Princess Palace location.


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