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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

The Yasashii Tamagotch (やさしいたまごっち meaning Easy Tamagotchi or Simple Tamagotchi) is a Deka Tamagotchi released in September 1998. It is one of the rarer Tamagotchi virtual pets, as it debuted near the end of the first era of Tamagotchi pets.


The instruction manual for the Yasashii retells the story of the Tamagotchi Planet getting drunk, forcing the Tamagotchis to flee to Earth. Nearly two years after the incident, it's time for the Tamagotchis to start returning home. Professor Banzo, who invented the first Tamagotchi toy for them to live in, still wanted to experiment on making a more comfortable environment for the Tamagotchis to live. He and Mikachu eventually create the Yasashii, a larger, more comfortable home for the Tamagotchi to live in with greater ease of providing care.


The Yasashii Tamagotchis, also known as "YasaTamagotchis", are Tamagotchis that were born and raised on Earth. Thus, they only know about Tamagotchi Planet based on stories from older Tamagotchis who had lived there. The YasaTamagotchis are excited to return to their home planet for the first time.


The Yasashii measures approximately 10 centimeters (4 inches) tall, making it roughly the size of the Home Deka Tamagotchi and the biggest virtual pet in the Tamagotchi franchise. The right side of the shell has a volume control switch, and the back has a stand that can be positioned to stand the Yasashii upright. The Yasashii features six large back-lit buttons to perform actions to care for the Tamagotchi, and two smaller buttons near the bottom for Select and Cancel functions. The Reset button is also on the front of the shell, slightly to the bottom left of the Meal button.


The Yasashii functions are identical to that of a standard Tamagotchi, except all of the options are now featured as their own buttons on the unit. Instead of scrolling through icons, the user simply presses the function they want to use. The six buttons are "Meal", "Happy", "Care", "Toilet", "Lights", and "Check Meter". Beneath the buttons are the "Select" and "Cancel" buttons; these are used for selecting different options or cancelling an option, respectively.

When one of the six care buttons are pressed, it will light up, and none of the other care buttons can be pressed until the action is done. When the Tamagotchi calls for attention, the icon that needs to be satisfied will flash.

Meal Button

This button will feed the Tamagotchi 1 meal, filling 1 Hungry heart and increasing the weight by 1g. If the Tamagotchi is not full after eating, they may do a "begging" animation.

Happy Button

There are two options. One is to feed the Tamagotchi a snack, and the other is to play the game. The snack will fill one Happy heart, and increase the weight by 2g. If the user feeds the Tamagotchi too many snacks, it may do an "exercising" animation, though they will not lose weight doing so.

The game is a matching game with four boxes. The Tamagotchi will open the top left box and show one snack, and the user must press one of three corresponding buttons (which blink repeatedly) to open another box. The player earns a point if the food in their box matches the Tamagotchi's. The game has five rounds, and the player much successfully match at least 3 times to win.

Care Button

This button serves two purposes. First, it serves as the Medicine icon, treated the Tamagotchi when it falls ill. Additionally, it serves as the Discipline button, scolding the Tamagotchi when it calls for attention when it's not necessary. During the baby stage, it will still get sick but the Care Button will not flash to warn the user.

Toilet Button

This button will clean up any poo the Tamagotchi leaves behind. Older Tamagotchis will flash the icon before they poo; pressing it quickly will make the Tamagotchi use the toilet instead.

Lights Button

This button turns the lights on and off for when the Tamagotchi falls asleep.

Check Meter

In order, this button will show the Tamagotchi's age and weight, hunger, happiness, and discipline meter. When all of the Hungry and Happy meters are full, the Tamagotchi will sing for a short period.

Departure and Album

Instead of dying, the Tamagotchi will depart from the user in a UFO. After starting a new Tamagotchi, the user can see an album of their previous Tamagotchis by going to the clock screen and pressing the "Select" button.


The Yasashii is one of the few vintage releases to feature the Tamagotchi engaging in activities throughout the day. Unlike the ones on most modern releases, most events can be triggered by the player's direct input.

  • Singing: The Tamagotchi will dance and sing for about ten seconds, accompanied by a music note and the device beeping. This may occur shortly after the Tamagotchi's last happiness heart is filled.
  • Exercising: The Tamagotchi lifts dumbells or does some aerobic exercises in an attempt to lose weight. This may occur if the Tamagotchi is fed multiple snacks within a short period of time.
  • Begging: The Tamagotchi holds their hands up high in a pleading manner for more food. This may occur if the hunger meter is left empty for a while, or shortly after the Tamagotchi is fed if the hunger meter isn't completely filled.
  • Bathing: The Tamagotchi relaxes in a warm bath.


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