Yukine (ゆきね) is a human character from The Earth who debuted in episode 36 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. Before this, she partially appeared in the opening credits. She is about the same age and height as Tomomi. She is the older sister of Suzune. She is voiced by Ai Kayano.


Yukine is a young but responsible, calm, and patient girl. Both she and her sister are big fans of Tamagotchi.


Yukine has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that reaches just below her shoulders, tied in two pigtails. She wears a pink, long-sleeved winter dress with lace around the neck hole and a snowflake design at the bottom left. She also wears black leggings and tan snow boots.


Yukine first appeared in Go-Go Tamagotchi along with her Suzune in episode 36. They were first seen making christmas goods where they heard their door bell ring, where Mametchi and his friends were standing. They were excited to see them as they created from devices. In episode 37, they invited the Mametchi and his friends in the house and helped the Tamagotchi save Christmas. Afterwards, they waved goodbye to their Tamagotchi friends and then ask Santa Claus to give them a letter for their time together just before he left as well. The next day, the two sisters woke up to find a christmas card to write down, She was last seen writing on the christmas card before folding it up and writing Mametchi's face on.


  • Although Go-Go Tamagotchi episode 36 was where she first appeared, it was actually her proper appearance. Her first appearance was the season 2 opening of Go-Go Tamagotchi. In the opening, she was first seen writing a letter with a picture of Mametchi on it, although her head was cut off. After finish writing the letter, she go up from her seat left just before a bird came and took her letter and brought it from Earth into, where it turned into Denshohatotchi just before arriving Tamagotchi Plant and gave it to Mametchi and his friends.

Name origin

Yuki is the Japanese word for "snow".

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