Yuna and Mai

(ゆな) (まい)

Yuna and Mai
From left to right: Yuna and Mai
Genders and Appearances:
The Earth
  • Shirakawa Yuna (Yuna)
  • Shiozaki Mai (Mai)

Yuna (ゆな) and Mai (まい) are two human sisters portrayed as real-life characters, who first appeared in Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO. They later reappeared in Tamagotchi TV segments, and have continued to promote Tamagotchi merchandise since April 2015.


Yuna and Mai are live action human characters. Yuna is the older sister who has long dark brown hair that reaches to her shoulders. She has a bow clip tied on the right side of her hair. Mai is the younger sister who has short black hair and a pink bow on the back of her head.

The sisters are both young Japanese children in their mid-childhood years.

In the Anime

Yuna and Mai appear in the end of every episode of Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO in segments called More! Tama Talk at the Earth (もっと! ちきゅーでたまトーク). These segments explore the adventures of the sisters as they study the ecology of the Tamagotchis.

Yuna and Mai are two humans who live on The Earth. One day, the sisters came across a stationary shuttle who is later Apollotchi. As they wandered inside, Apollotchi reactivates startled and lifts off away from The Earth, taking Yuna and Mai with him by mistake and sets course for Tamagotchi Planet. There, the sisters meet artificial intelligent Apollotchi in his console room where he tells to the girls that he wants to dedicate his life studying both Humans and Tamagotchis. Excited that the sisters get to meet their galactic neighbors the Tamagotchis, the sisters decide to help Apollotchi study the Tamagotchis on Tamagotchi Planet while meeting the happy Tamagotchi folks on the way.


たまごっち インフォマーシャル

たまごっち インフォマーシャル

Three 30-second Tamagotchi 4U commericals featuring Yuna and Mai.


  • Yuna and Mai are the first ever anime characters to be portrayed by real-life actors.
  • The sisters and Apollotchi are the second set of characters with roles of studying Tamagotchis, the first being vintage generation characters Professor Banzo and Mikachu.


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